she will be loved.

i always tell myself 17 is the year everything happens, let's hope so. i love TV. klaroline, captain swan, olicity, stydia, hades, fourtris, brallie, and many more! i detest the fact that "anti" ships exist. don't hate peeps.

Best TV show ever.

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Olicity spoiler banners from the unbelievable promo of the 3rd season of Arrow.

O M G — Olicity My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pre-SDCC dinner 2013 and 2014.

"It’s not a fake-out,” Kreisberg said. “Felicity and Oliver actually have a pretty raw discussion about what they mean to each other, which we’re really excited about, and [it] is actually an extension of what happened at the end of last year."





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We’re not our masks, and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one x

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the way oliver queen looks at felicity smoak (◠‿◠✿)

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Oliver and Felicity in the Season 3 First-Look (x)

"[Talking about Olicity in Season 3] It’s not like there hasn’t been sexual tension between the characters."

Stephen Amell pointing out the sexual tension for all the haters out there (x)

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