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i always tell myself 17 is the year everything happens, let's hope so. i love TV. klaroline, captain swan, olicity, stydia, hades, fourtris, brallie, and many more! i detest the fact that "anti" ships exist. don't hate peeps.

A Thousand Kisses, A Hundred More


A/N: seastarved requested:


Words: 4,739
Rating: F is for Fluffy; S is for Send your dentist bills to Chinx; H is for HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE TWO IDIOTS SO MUCH THERE IS A PHYSICAL ACHE IN MY CHEST THAT WON’T GO AWAY.
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Her body comes awake slowly, her mind even slower, but she feels the light press and retreat of his lips on hers, the warmth of his breath dancing enticingly over her mouth as he gently coaxes her from her dreams. She hums, shifting instinctively when he moves over her and presses her further into the warmth of the bed. Her legs part, cradling his weight while his lips brush a little more insistently, a little more desperately.

Ohhh. She opens her mouth wider at the first swipe of his tongue over her bottom lip, hands reaching up to tangle in his hair of their own accord. He keeps her in that half-dazed state, lazily yet thoroughly exploring her mouth with teeth and tongue as if attempting to map out all of the secrets she possesses. He angles his head, deepening the kiss, and she swears to God her toes curl while heat sparks along every inch of her.

It’s still so new, this requited love between them, but when he kisses her this way, it’s as if they’ve done it a million times over, like two puzzle pieces perfectly matched and simply made for each other. It makes her sigh contentedly, makes her heart squeeze sweetly as she pulls him in just a little closer and moves her mouth just a little more fervently.

The scrape of his scruff against her skin tickles, makes her chuckle delightedly into his mouth and she feels his lips curve up at the sound. He eases up, gives her just enough breathing room but keeps close and nuzzles his nose against hers before pressing a gentle kiss to the tip of it.

“Morning,” she murmurs, unable to keep the grin off her face.

“Hi,” he whispers.

And it’s stupid how ridiculously in love she feels but she doesn’t care. She lowers her arms so her hands can cup his too-handsome face while she studies him. He’s grinning back at her like an absolute idiot (the expression no doubt mirroring hers) and she can’t hold back the laugh that escapes.

“Hi,” she answers, fingertips tracing along the planes of his face — cheekbones, jaw, eyebrows, nose, lips. He turns his head, kisses at her palm, then nips playfully at her index finger before leaning down to brush his mouth over hers again. 

“Can we stay here all day?” he asks, the words spoken lightly over her lips.

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True Love’s Cursed Kiss


Summary: Emma is faced with the choice of saving Killian at the threat of losing her magic.

Word Count: 1,281

Rating: F for fluff and feels


It happened every time Emma encountered Hook; the dodged glances and downcast eyes. It was so unlike the pirate to have such a somber and dismal demeanor, but he avoided the subject whenever she inquired further. She was growing increasingly worried, when she caught sight of him as she walked down the main street. A few quickened paces and she came up behind him, placing a light hand on his shoulder to alert him of her presence. “Hey.”

Hook whirled around, startled. “Swan. Is something the matter?”

“Whoa there, everything’s fine.” Emma reassured. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he ran his fingers through his dark hair. She continued, “I was just going to Granny’s to grab a bite to eat. Want to come?”

Thinking he would readily jump at the chance to spend time with her, his response brought surprise. “Ah, I’m afraid I can’t.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Oh?” Now it was her turn to question, “Is something the matter?”

His gaze shifted uncomfortably, refusing to meet hers. “I, uh, just have some stuff to take care of.”

“Stuff?” Emma’s unconvinced tone took precedence. She paused, biting her lower lip, before asking, “Hook… Have – Have I done something wrong?”

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Anonymous: loved your fanfic in the answer to the other nonnie, with Emma's dress. You could write one new where Killian is using a modern white shirt that expose his muscles and drives her crazy? :)


A/N: Just a fun little one in companion to this [x]


Emma’s decided that she hates summer. She hates the heat and the sunshine and the simplicity of men’s clothing — shorts and plain cotton t-shirts…pffft, who’s idiotic idea was that anyway? She scrunches her nose in distaste as she watches the sun reflect off the sheen of sweat on his neck and the portion of his chest exposed by the v-neck of his white shirt while he playfully spars against Henry with wooden swords at Regina’s bbq day.

Oh, that’s right. She’s the idiot who just had to insist he change up his attire to accommodate for the summer season. She curses internally when he stoops to throw Henry over his shoulder, the hem of his shirt inching up just enough that her eyes fall to the flash of skin as he lifts her gangly son into the air. She’s not drooling, damn it, she’s not.

She should have known he’d look good in white. It makes all that dark hair and tanned skin from days spent at sea stand out. She should have known he’d look good in jean shorts that go just past his knees and black converse too. She should have known and she should have quit while she was ahead (as if the leather and the ridiculous long coat weren’t enough to drive her insane all the other seasons).

It was practical, she’d told him. You’d be comfortable, she’d insisted. I’m doing you a favor, she’d said.

Roland comes flying out of nowhere, tackling him from the side and making the three of them go down in a tangle of limbs and laughter and her heart stutters in her chest. 

Stupid, attractive, idiot.

She’s throwing out his summer wardrobe. She just is. He’ll simply have to suffer in this heat in his pirate outfit, but at least he’d be covered up — she thinks of his curious aversion to buttons — well, he’d be covered up for the most part

He wrestles with the boys and the t-shirt does little to prevent her from seeing his biceps and back muscles flexing deliciously. Fuck. Or he could just be naked, Emma decides. He could just be naked all the time and she could just-

“You stare at him any harder and you’re going to get pregnant.” 

Regina’s mumbling voice startles her from her thoughts and makes her jump. “What?” Emma squeaks, but she can’t look away from Killian because now his shirt is halfway up his torso and the leanly muscled planes of his stomach are in plain sight and all that dark hair on his chest is-

“Nothing dear, hungry?” The brunette smirks at her and offers her a hotdog with a pointed look. 

Christ almighty. She’d choke on her drink if she was drinking something. 


Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) Directed by Elia Kazan.

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"The next time your lips touch Emma Swan’s, all of her magic will be taken

please do not claim as your own


As pointed out by Carrie here (and brought up to me by Britt) the wonderful interview Jen and Colin did together was during the filming of 3x19, aka this Sunday’s episode! AND Jim Halterman all but confirmed that there is MORE of that interview he hasn’t posted yet [x].

So not only might we get more of this interview sometime this coming week, but there might be something great and spoilery happening this Sunday.

Who knows. Maybe a TLK?


Once Upon a Time: Bleeding Through (3x18)


so when Josh and Ginny’s baby grows up they’re gonna say “my parents are Prince Charming and Snow White" and then when little Evan grows up he’s gonna say "my dad is Captain Hook

how adorably awesome would that be

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I dont no if anyone else has picked up on this BUT …….


we met prince Johnathan (aka the gardener )

and in the story of robin hood prince john was robins enemy  and in 3x18 Johnathan got out a handkerchief with the royal crest on it which was a lion

the same lion thats on robins wrist

what if this little link or clue has something to do with robins back story ?!?!


Killian Jones + fangirling

        Bonus: Regina & Zelena

I tried to make it more general. I don’t mention any ship/show, only in one! You can use them as long as you don’t claim them as your own! :)


Well, I don’t need you to share. You’re something of an open book.

She may not know what exactly is all this about, but she knows.

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